What Would Cthulhu Do?

What would Cthulhu Do?

Cthulhu craves worship.  My blog Pharyngula features images of Cthulhu and his offspring held up for admiration and worship.

Cthulhu craves devotion.  A head priest must be someone who has devoted his life to Cthulhu and his offspring.  I am an expert on octopi, and regularly post images of octopi as “eye candy” for my followers.

Cthulhu hates all other gods.   We attack religion, and aggressively promote his ideology of aggression and hatred.  I claim atheism as a cover, while clearly focusing on octopi.

In order to promote the Cthulhu effectively, I travel internationally, speaking to groups.  I focus primarily on tearing down established religions.

Cthulhu craves fresh blood.  I gather supporters among the young and impressionable.  In my work as an associate professor,  I work hard at indoctrinating students against established religions and encouraging them to join 0ur blogosphere, where I inundate them with beautiful pictures of octopi.

Finally, Cthulhu craves money.  I have begun advertising on Pharyngula.  Give generously.  Cthulhu is not a forgiving god.


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